Social Media Producing

Throughout my experience producing social media content, I have been able to create and manage all social media accounts for various clients and television productions, brands and start ups . I have been able to create original content plans and social distribution schedules to capitalise during the best times across all platforms. Creating bespoke content for each platform (Digital images, short video content through Instagram stories, Memes), and analysed audience trends to gain future interest.


Social Media is part of a larger scale of marketing and gaining an interest in the product. Through many of my projects I use Facebook adverts/boosts, where you're able to specfically chose age locations and various targets to to reach a targeted audience. I have demonstrated using Facebook boosts, using a variety of budgets to gain a wider audience.  Through a small budget, I was able to reach a wide enough audience to gain interest in the project. However you will see in the next image(s), I was able to grow the audience through learning what I needed to change to allow growth. 


I was able to increase how many people were able to view our Facebook advert, through strategically looking through the data that I input and forecasting what would work better to gain more followers. By doing this I was able to increase the people that it reached by almost 4 times the initial amount. 

Visual Content

I have worked with a variety of brands where I have created visual content, to help brand their products. This included regular meetings with the creative director of the company to gain a full understanding of what direction they wanted to take their visual social media(s), to help capitalise on their sales. From the content, I was able to deliver they were able to gain a following of over 2k during the month of marketing the images I shoot and edited.

Visual Content for a community running group which I created from the ground up. The platform has 3000+ followers across all social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin). Each graphic and video is created by myself which follows the brands protocol.


Part of producing first series and development ideas for television I have been able to produce, shoot and edit taster tapes for commissioners. This is for them to experience what the potential contributor(s) would be like before they make a final decision on putting them through to actual series.

As one of the Assistant Talent Producers, I have been able to demonstrate working with the Digital Team to produce creative ideas and concepts through social media to gain interest in taking part in the up and coming auditions in the selected areas.  I would be in charge or producing short visual content as well as use design work to create flyers and font videos for Instagram/Instagram stories, Twitter, Facebook which would be used to engage with the audience and notify and gain an increase of numbers that auditions are taking part in the selected area(s).

Design using Photoshop and Adobe Spark to create a digital flyer which was used to market across the selected area(s) I was scouting for talent. 



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